Maria's Oil
Oil Price as of 2/25/2021


Oil Delivery

At Maria's Oil, we offer you a choice of delivery methods:

Automatic Delivery

In Automatic Delivery, we rely on our highly accurate K-Factor to determine when you are due for your next fill up. This is the most popular option for customers because they do not have to monitor their fuel levels, and not having to restart their burner every time they get a delivery. This minimizes the amount of sediments being pulled from the bottom of the oil tank and helps ensure a clean flow of oil to the burner at all times. Simply put, peace of mind.

Will Call / COD

A Will Call customer would monitor their own oil tank and call for a delivery whenever they would like one. Will Call customers who have filled out our Credit Authorization Form may be billed for their delivery. Customers which have not filled out our Credit Authorization Form will be expected to pay the driver at the time of the delivery. We also participate in most fuel assistance programs as well as Citizens Energy, (Joe for Oil)

Payment Options

Our customers have a variety of payment options to choose from:

  • Order and Pay – Pay online when you order, or bill to a credit/debit card on file.
  • Direct bill – Maria’s Oil keeps a credit/debit card and bills accordingly for deliveries or service.
  • Budget – With your pre-approved credit, a customized payment plan is drawn up allowing your oil bills to be spread over a period of 10 months and be charged to your credit/debit card, or you can mail your payments in.
  • COD – Pay at the time the service is made.

Fuel Assistance

Fuel Assistance Programs are reserved for customers who qualify due to low income. Fuel Assistance customers apply to their local Fuel Assistance Programs. After they are approved, they are granted a budget and assigned to a vendor of their choice, such as Maria's Oil. Click Here to find out which Fuel Assistance Programs Maria's Oil does business with.

NOTE- Maria’s oil will not deliver to or provide service for any customer with an outstanding balance unless first approved by the office.